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Helmed by Chef and owner Moe Oo, Marumo is probably the hardest place to get a table in Perth. Seating no more than 30 guests, this elusive Japanese restaurant offers an omakase experience exclusively to those devoted, lucky and quick enough to secure a reservation online. Which, by the way, opens for one day every few months and gets booked out in less than 2 minutes flat. On top of that, any table you get would be for a seating that is a couple of months away. With so much effort and waiting involved, is it worth all that trouble? Well, it is a resounding yes of course!

What is Omakase?

Omakase is a Japanese phrase commonly used for ordering sushi in restaurants when you entrust and give the chef complete discretion of the dish selection. Such meals are typically made from the freshest daily ingredients, and customers are happy to pay a premium in return for high-quality and innovative food. Marumo only offers an omakase menu, and it is a seasonal chef’s selection, degustation menu created using the freshest produce available each season. Priced at $80 per person, it is excellent value.

Marumo Winter Omakase Menu

Located on Stirling Highway in Nedlands, Marumo has an unassuming facade. However, the interior is informal and intimate, with a relaxed ambience and a pleasant buzz. The omakase menu consists of seven courses, plus an appetizer and palate cleanser. This season’s offering maintains its elegant and refined standard, and it gave us a three-hour gastronomic journey that was delightful in many ways!

Japanese omasake cold octopus with pickles and crispy lentils
Cold Octopus with Pickles and Crispy Lentils

Course One: Fremantle Octopus, Pickles & Lentils

The first course is a gorgeous cold dish with wonderful fresh flavours and textures. It is absolutely moreish.

Omasake duck wrap
Duck, Spinach and Mushroom Wrap

Course Two: Wagin Duck, Spinach & Mushrooms

The Wagin Duck is prepared and served two ways, in a wrap and as a warm soup. The duck meat encased in the thin wrap is sweet and tender, while the soup is meaty, luscious and full of rich, earthy flavours.

Omakase bowl of duck soup with spinach and mushrooms
Duck Soup with Spinach and Mushrooms

Course Three: Port Lincoln Bluefin Tuna

The tuna is taken from both the fatty (diced portion) and lean (sliced portion) part of the fish and served on top of seasoned rice. It comes with shoyu sauce that you can drizzle on according to taste. This is a tactile course with lovely piquant flavours.

Marumo omakase bowl of bluefin tuna on seasoned rice served with shoyu sauce
Bluefin Tuna on Seasoned Rice served with Shoyu Sauce

Course Four: Chef’s Selection of Sashimi

The Yellowfin tuna, Tasmanian salmon and Abrolhos Island scallop sashimi are beautifully presented and served on ice. Just as you would expect quality sashimi to taste, the seafood is so fresh it melts in the mouth.

Marumo Omakase plate of yellowfin tuna, salmon and scallop sashimi
Yellowfin Tuna, Salmon and Scallop Sashimi

Course Five: Tasmanian Salmon Belly Sushi

The sushi roll is a winner with the aburi (flame-seared) salmon, tobiko (flying fish roe) and tiger prawn tempura!

Marumo omasake plate of Aburi Salmon, Tobiko and Tiger Prawn Tempura Sushi
Aburi Salmon, Tobiko and Tiger Prawn Tempura Sushi

Palate Cleanser: Yuzu Sorbet

The yuzu sorbet gives a refreshing citrus hit, making it a delicious palate cleanser for the following beef course.

Marumo omakase yuzu sorbet
Yuzu Sorbet

Course Six: Futari Waygu & Leek

The beef is buttery, tender and juicy. It is everything you can hope for from a fine wagyu cut. Served with a creamy leek sauce and seared leek, it is utterly divine.

Marumo omakase plate of Futari wagyu with leek sauce and seared leek
Futari Wagyu with Leek Sauce

Course Eight: Matcha & Miso

The matcha cream puff and miso ice cream dessert is balanced and surprisingly not too heavy. It concludes the omakase perfectly.

Marumo Omakase plate of Matcha Puff with Miso Ice Cream
Matcha Puff with Miso Ice Cream

The Winter Omakase Menu is a celebration of outstanding, Australian-sourced fresh produce, prepared and served with the utmost respect. You won’t find anything gimmicky on this menu. Instead, you will discover the understated passion and innovation of Chef Moe Oo in the flavours of his creations. It is simply one of those places where you have to taste the food to appreciate its true brilliance.

You can find Marumo at 22/145 Stirling Highway, Nedlands, Perth WA 6009. 
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