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Emily Taylor

A platter of Chinese roast duck served with mandarin pancakes, vegetables and condiments from Emily Taylor Restaurant & Bar

Tucked away behind The Fremantle Markets and set behind limestone walls, you will find an oasis where refreshing food and drinks are plenty. Aptly named after a ship that set sailed from England (carrying Asian spices and tea) to Fremantle in the eighteen hundreds, Emily Taylor is a new-ish Asian fusion restaurant and bar located in the heart of Freo. Being an extension of the Warders Hotel, a boutique hotel in the old limestone cottage that once housed the Fremantle Warders, it pays homage to Fremantle’s rich historical past whilst delighting many with its vibrant food and drinks.

A plate of scallop dumpling topped with cucumber chilli XO and red yuzu
Shark Bay Scallop Dumplings

Their fusion menu offers modern takes on popular dishes from the East and is inspired by the fresh produce locally sourced in Western Australia. Prime examples include their delicious Shark Bay Scallop Dumplings, Lobster & Manjimup Truffle Dumplings, Tapioca Dusted Cone Bay Barramundi and their signature Roast Duck which is ‘lacquered’ in local bush honey. We tried all these dishes (and more), and we were quite impressed!

The dumplings are plump and a great reminder of how outstanding our local seafood is. The scallop dumpling is fresh and clean on the palate and is complemented by the cucumber chilli XO and red yuzu topping that punctuates each bite with its bright flavours.

A plate of truffle lobster dumpling from Emily Taylor
Lobster & Manjimup Truffle Dumplings

When we saw the words ‘lobster’, ‘truffle’ and ‘dumplings’ on the same line, we wanted this dumpling dish pronto. And boy, were we glad we decided to have them! Generously filled with sweet, truffle-infused delicate lobster flesh, these morsels of yummy goodness will send your taste buds into overdrive.

A plate of pan fried barramundi served with green Thai sauce and apple salad from Emily Taylor Restaurant & Bar
Tapioca Dusted Cone Bay Barramundi

Their Tapioca Dusted Cone Bay Barramundi is another brilliant seafood dish that delighted us. The barramundi fillet is perfectly cooked and tastes buttery and succulent. Accompanied with zesty green ‘Naam Jim’ (sauce) and green apple & roast cashew salad, it is a refreshing dish that will give you that punchy flavour hit synonymous with Thai cuisine.

Chinese roast duck pancake wrap
Signature Roast Duck

The Aromatic Roast Duck has a beautiful sweet note but is well-balanced and flavoursome. It comes with mandarin pancakes, green onions, cucumber and condiments, and intended to be assembled and eaten as a duck wrap, much like Peking Duck. If you want something shareable and fun for the table, this is a great dish to order.

A plate of Asian charred beef short rib with sambal matah and lime from Emily Taylor Restaurant & Bar
Charred Beef Short Rib

For those who love their meat, the Charred Beef Short Rib is a must-try. It is tender, meaty and tastes as good as it looks. Served with some seriously good Sambal Matah (Balinese raw chilli paste), each mouthful was a burst of intensely beautiful flavours that left us begging for more rice. If they sold that sambal in a jar, we wouldn’t leave the place without it!

One word comes to mind when we think of Emily Taylor, and that is ‘exuberant’. This place has a lot to offer for those seeking an exciting dining (and drinking) experience in a stylish and expansive environment. From underneath the colourful parasols in the courtyard to the high bars and tables inside, you won’t have to look far to find a great spot to mingle and linger over fantastic food and drinks.

You can find Emily Taylor at 19-29 Henderson St, Fremantle WA 6160.
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