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Pachi Pachi

A bowl of Thai red duck curry from Pachi Pachi

Nestled minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Victoria Park’s two main food strips, Pachi Pachi is an unassuming restaurant that shines with their East meets West menu. Drawing strong influences from the East, you can expect Chinese, Japanese and Korean-inspired dishes, and more robust South-East Asian fares from Thailand and Malaysia. It appears as though nothing is off-limits here.

Chicken Nanban burger served with French fries
Chicken Nanban Burger

We usually shy away from places that offer too many cuisines, preferring to stick with more specialised eateries. But there are exceptions, and Pachi Pachi would have to be one of them. Despite the lack of regional focus, they deliver in spades with the quality and flavours one seeks from an authentic restaurant. Their Red Duck Curry (pictured top-most) in particular, is an outstanding dish that could rival the duck curries from some of the top Thai restaurants in Perth. A trip to Pachi Pachi is never complete unless we order this dish.

A plate of spicy angry bird chicken from Pachi Pachi
Angry Birds Chicken

Their Angry Birds Chicken is a firm favourite of ours. It is insanely delicious and will leave you feeling far from angry. Tossed in a mouthwatering mix of chilli, garlic and mixed herbs, this is a tasty dish that will have you ordering more rice. It comes in spice level 1 to insane, and being a bit of a thrill-seeker, we always choose the spiciest level. And besides, #YOLO and nothing beats sweating bullets while you are chowing down something this moreish!

A plate of crispy golden floss prawn from Pachi Pachi
Golden Floss Prawn

For those wanting something less piquant, the Golden Floss Prawn is a crowd-pleaser that will delight. You will find great texture and flavour in the crispy floss and juicy prawns. If you are a value hunter, then you will appreciate their Beef Tataki with Yuzu Ponzu and Wasabi Mayo ($9.50). Beautifully presented, this is a refreshing appetiser that will whet your appetite.

A plate of Japanese beef tataki from Pachi Pachi
Beef Tataki

Pachi Pachi serves up delicious food and coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a friendly and inviting cafe setting. With such a good range of cuisine available to order, this is a lovely spot that can easily cater to groups of people with different food preferences.

You can find Pachi Pachi at 608 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park WA 6100.
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