My name is Alex, and I am a food enthusiast, inspired cook and food blogger living in Perth, Western Australia.

Originally from Singapore, I grew up in a multicultural food paradise where food was central to my life as a child. Coming from a Peranakan and Teochew lineage, I have such incredible memories of my family sharing home-cooked meals and exploring the myriad of places to eat across the island.

From authentic hawker fare to some of the best international cuisines this metropolis offers, these fond experiences have allowed me to develop a deep appreciation of the role food plays in bringing joy and transcending cultural boundaries.

My love for gastronomy grew to a passion of taking food photography. So I started blogging on Instagram, and over the past five years I have had the pleasure of meeting many people from different cultures. From like-minded foodies to talented people from the culinary world, the connections and friendships formed provide me with great inspiration and meaning to what I do.

I believe food is a universal language that brings people and cultures closer.

My wife Kris and our girls embrace this same belief. Between cooking delicious meals at home and exploring the diverse food scene that our city offers, mealtimes are very special to us! This passion of ours and way of life is the inspiration behind this food blog and our goal to create a drool-worthy space for food lovers to come to. By showcasing Perth’s vibrant food culture and some of the tasty meals we cook from the heart of our home, we hope you enjoy your gastronomic journey with us!